Time for the Media to Step To the Plate



Now that members of the press can no longer cover the news safely, maybe they will stop rolling over and stand up for America. The press let Bush give away all the rest of the bill of rights, but now that mob rule threatens free speech and freedom of the press, and reporters as well as candidates are being threatened as traitors and terrorists, the news media has got to start being responsible.

First and foremost, talking heads, stop covering that hatefilled swill. Especially in the case of Sarah Palin, who refuses to give a press conference, you the media, do not owe her a second of coverage. If you do send someone to cover her (and hopefully you will not have to provide body armor) you do not need to report her hate speech. I agree with Andrew Sullivan  who maintained that Ms. Palin does not deserve a moment of coverage (Fox news of course will show her 24/7) until she agrees to discuss her views with the Press. But that is just the beginning.

I call additionally for a general boycott of all negative ads, of any candidate, unless they are judged by the editorial boards of your newsroom to be both 1. Truthful and 2. Not scary or hate inducing.  I think that any and all ads should be allowed to run, but not freely promoted by the talking heads. If you must review them, review the facts without the dangerous music and menacing images and hateful words. 

And let’s see some interviews with psychologists and others who can shed some light on mob mentality, discussing group phenomena like groupthink and obedience research, as part of the reason that things are goin so awry. Main Stream Media, its your turn to step up to the plate and bring out the best in America and call foul on the worst as it rears its ugly head.


PR Notes

The Brooklyn Book Festival which is this weekend, features famous names ranging from Jimmy Breslin to 2008 Bobi Literary Award winner author Walter Mosely.

Todd Defren blogging at PR Squared discussed whether or not Bloggers are media. His conclusion- that we are something more, is worth pondering. Most effective bloggers not only know how to work the 24/7 news cycle and the information behemoth once known as the internet, but also we know how to swim in the living breathing Web 2.0. In addition to being knowledgable, we are also on the cutting edge of the culture. That’s a far cry from “reporting.” We are the leaders and they are the followers — reporting, more often than not.

The Book Tour Blog, a California based blog that was started by authors anounced a partnership with IndieBound, a socially conscious movement that suports Independent Bookstores. This should mean author events at their stores will be automatically added to their calendar.