Mitt as Bishop Counsults LDS Living Prophet About his Run

The Mormon church believes that they have, at the head of their church, a living prophet at all times, and the current one is Gordon B. Hinckley. Romney not only knows Mr. Hinckley, but met with him prior to his run for President, to get his guidance.

A candidate’s religion should not be an issue if he runs for office, unless he get’s guidance from a living prophet, or is a leader in the church hierarchy. Mitt Romney’s family have always been prominent in the Mormon church hierarchy, and Mitt Romney was for several years first the equivalent of a Bishop and later, from 1986 to 1994, an Arch-Bishop “Stake President” in the mormon church. In the latter position he oversaw several congregations in the Boston area.

In his “duties” in the church he would do things like personally invite Lani Gerson to her excommunication trial from the church. Women claim that he was insensitive in his counsel. But this is the same Mormon church that spent a huge amount of money and prestige opposing equal rights for women, not in the 1800’s but in the 1970’s and early 80’s. Latter Day Church member Evelyn Harville told the Phoenix that he declined to speak up against domestic abuse, and Romney counseled her to not abort a foetus when her health was at stake.

Romney also did “missionary” work in France attempting to convert the wine-drinking French to his alcohol unfriendly religion. While many Mormons do this missionary work in third world countries, this privileged member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Romney, like most missionaries in the Mormon church, spent 30 months avoiding the draft in the late 60’s at the height of the Vietnam War.

If a Bishop in any other church ran for President, we would be asking how his beliefs will impact his decisions, and more importantly what conflicts of interest there will be, should he become president. Hey I don’t even know whether they will be able to serve wine at state dinners, when the French President visits to talk about the economy. Why won’t he answer questions at a town hall about his mormonism?

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