Science in a Post-Bush World

As a psychologist who is also a scientist/researcher I have been impatient with my Government and it’s contempt for science in the past 8 years. While some of the areas in which science was attcked effected me, like you, on a personal level (eg. global warming) there also was a professional impact, whether through draconian budget priorities or the corportaization of the FDA and other relevannt regulating bodies. The Follwing article is relevant reading:

What Science in a Post Bush World Will Look Like

After eight years of brawls with the Bush administration on issues including climate change, stem cell research and health care, scientists across the country aren’t just hungry for change they can believe in, but science they can trust. The underlying issue that has sparked outrage is Bush’s politicization of the scientific discipline.

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Too Big to Fail

George Bush announced today a $7000 bailout plan (per person) for obese Wall Street Bankers. “They are just too big to fail,” he stated. “We have no idea what went wrong,” he added.

Too Big 2 Fail?

Too Big 2 Fail?

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Initial post, musings and introduction

As a psychologist, teacher, publicist, author and ranked online poker player, I have a little to say about a lot of things. I intend to use this blog as a way of musing and commenting and will post to categories for books and authors, psychology, publicity/promotion topics, poker and other areas by category but many of my posts will be across several areas and so more general, or on topics far affield such as politics.

None of my comments are offered in a professional sense. I am not writing as a psychologist with prescriptions for improved mental functioing based on research in my field nor am I diagnosing George Bush (thankfully never met him) when I say he seems to be on a dry drunk..Nor am I working as a publicist if I praise or pan a book or a teacher as I share information I stumble accross. So let me be clear, this is not a professional website. I do not spend much money on it, and it reflects my personal and not my professional veiwpoint on wide ranging issues, While me expertise in poker, pschology, and writing/promoting invariably  effect who I am and what I believe, I will charge for my professional opinions. These are free for what its worth, although I still maintain the copyright claim. You have my advance permission to quote anything I say, so long as you provide a link back from it to your website, or if you print it, a referenece to the URL (