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The life of a psychologist is enough to drive anyone nuts.


NUTCASE by Charlotte Hughes


“I never laughed so hard in my life.” -Kathy Boswell Fresh Fiction

New York Times best selling author Charlotte Hughes invites you to sample the Romantic Suspense NUTCASE. She made you laugh with WHAT LOOKS LIKE CRAZY, where she introduced the wild world of psychologist Kate Holly and her friends, family and eccentric clients. Now this award winning author has reviewers going crazy over her newest mystery:

“Funny and heartwarming… NUTCASE is good therapy – prescribed for reading to relieve stress.”-
-Camilla in Long and Short Reviews
“You’ll love these characters down to your soul.”
-Angie at Night Owl Reviews

Get an exclusive preview here:
Chapter One
My name is Kate Holly. As a clinical psychologist, I get paid to listen to people’s problems. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I hear. And just when I think I’ve heard it all, a new patient will come in and blow me out of the water. I am surprised my hair hasn’t turned white, like when Moses went up to the mountain where God appeared to him as a burning bush.

My colleagues and I often joke that we’re even more screwed up than our patients and should all be fitted for straightjackets. We might be on to something. For example, I’m obsessive-compulsive. When I’m stressed I count things. I do multiplication tables in my head. I prefer even numbers because they are divisible by two. Odd numbers are complicated.

Sort of like my life.

That explained why my ex-husband and I were presently sitting in a marriage counselor’s office.

Jay Rush is, and always will be, the love of my life, but we have issues; which only adds to the complexities. Nevertheless, our divorce two months ago was an accident. I’d meant to call it off so we could work on our problems, but I’d gotten side-tracked by a wacko patient, and I’d ended up in the ER. That I survived was a miracle, but it proved I needed to make some serious changes in my life.

Evelyn Hunt was supposed to be the best couple’s therapist in town, if not the most expensive.

Fortunately, Jay had insisted on covering the cost.

As with most high-end psychologist, her so-called hour only lasted forty-five minutes. It was pretty obvious her client’s paid their bills regularly, unlike most of mine, because Evelyn’s office looked like the showroom floor at Ethan Allen. She wasted no time getting down to business.

“How’s the sex?” she asked me.

The question took me by surprise. I had done my share of marriage counseling, and I had posed that same question to troubled couples. But this was the first time someone had asked me.

“Fantastic,” I said. “Couldn’t be better.”

Evelyn regarded Jay.

“It’s pretty good,” he said.

My smile drooped. On a scale of one to ten his level of enthusiasm rated about a three. I knew he was annoyed with me. He’d had no desire to discuss our personal problems with a stranger, even a professional. The only reason he had agree to come was because he’d decided it was easier to go along with it than endure my nagging.

“Just pretty good?” I blurted.

He shifted in his chair. The blue nylon jacket he wore matched his eyes. He’d shoved the sleeves to his elbows, exposing arms that were brown and tightly muscled. He worked hard to stay in shape, and it showed. That; combined with his thick dark hair and olive complexion had turned more heads than mine.

He looked at me. “Sometimes, I feel you use sex so we don’t have to face our problems.”


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NUTCASE the rap song. Charlotte’s book inspired Platinum southern hip hop recording artist Pablo Petey, to team up with JD Hawg and TR Flow for the single NUTCASE- coming soon !
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By Charlotte Hughes
Jove, 288 pages
February 24, 2009

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