More DSM-5 changes: Facebook or Droid Addiction?

The APA Diagnostic DSM-5  which is dues out next year, is likely going to result in a boom industry in addictions treatments.  It may even mean there will be a mental health diagnosis to accompany your Droid or Facebook  addiction.

The changes that are planned will generally relax the criteria to qualify for drug and alcohol  addiction while expanding the number of symptoms that will help qualify. 

In addition, gambling would be more easily diagnosed as an addiction. 

But the most interesting thing for all the Facebook, Twitter and Droid lovers is the new section on behavioral addictions.  What kind of behaviors are they meaning?  Can you think of any behaviors that more clearly seem to be addicted than online excesses?

Psychiatrists who are revising the manual have indicated that the broader language will be helpful in promoting accurate diagnoses,  and providing for earlier intervention and better outcomes.

They failed to add that it would likely pad their wallets, but I guess that goes without saying.

All that being said, I suspect that some people really could use some help with getting away from the their Droids especially. I wonder how bad the withdrawal symptoms would be? If everyone had a no cell phone day (or week?) organized online, would the homicide rates go up? Or the pregnancy rates? 

I wonder what the difference is between a workaholic and a geek?


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  1. Hello Sir! I also am anticipating the release of the DSM V since I have a great interest in psychology.

    It is so true that tech gadgets and social network have become a part of our lives. I have a friend who spends hours online on facebook, just for the sake of being online, and doesn’t even do anything. Also, people write on their walls and ask their friends to like there posts just so people “like” them. I mean, facebook is just like any other social networking sites, but why does the public worship it so much?

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