Stephanie Plum Movie

As someone who has met Janet Evanovich and read all of the Stephanie Plum novels, I am waiting with anticipation for the Stephanie Plum movie that is due out in a couple weeks, called One for the Money.

One for the Money stars Katherine Heigl in the role of Stephanie Plum, Evanovich’s bounty hunter protagonist of a series of novels. The first Stephanie Plum movie is based on One for the Money, the first book in the Stephanie Plum series. Irish actor and TV star Jason O’mara plays the male lead, Joe Morelli. Ranger is also played by an actor mostly known for TV roles.

I plan to review the movie when it comes out but wanted to discuss the casting issues here. The original offer for the role went to Reese Witherspoon who apparently turned it down. It is a big career decision to take on a part like this, and Katherine Heigl is likely to be as associated with the Stephanie Plum movie character as Sean Connery is with James Bond, even if she does only a few of the seventeen (at least) sequels that are inevitable.

Sandra Bullock was also discussed, especially by Evanovich fans, as the best choice for the One for the Money lead, but it is well-known that she was out of commission for some time, only recently returning to work on movies, after she had a bad romance.  

Debby Reynolds as Gramma Muzur was also not a first choice. Many wanted Betty White, and I would be curious to learn (does anybody know?) if the first choice was actually Debby Reynolds, or was it Betty White?

I also was surprised that the male chosen to play Ranger was not taller, and why he was not expected to wear his hair in a pony tail. He should have been cast as a contrast to the Jason Omara character, who might be expected to be comparatively more clean cut.

 As I mentioned above, I plan to review this when it comes out and expect I will enjoy it, and it will enjoysome  box office success as fans of the Stephanie Plum books will not be able to resist taking a look.