Newt Gingrich and John Edwards at the Top?

Rumor has it that if Newt Gingrich doesn’t win the 2012 nomination, he will be running as a third Party candidate, in a party tentatively labeled as the Party Party.

He plans to ask John Edwards to be his running mate, because John is the only politician who can make Newts affair look normal (both cheated often on their spouses while they were dying of cancer, but Gingrich can argue that at least he was willing to get a divorce).

Their motto would be “A line of credit at Tiffany’s for your mistress!” Newt plans to accept Romney’s 10K bet, as he hopes to take his campaign staff along on his next Greek Island cruise. He and Edwards also plan to co-author a book entitled “The Two America’s: Those Who Commit and Those Who Won’t.” A second book Cheating for Dummies, is being co-authored with Sarah Palin.

Newt, ever the idea man, seems to have no idea how sleezy he seems.


World Diabetes Congress to Hold 2011 Meeting in Dubai

The World Diabetes Congress of the International Diabetes Federation is holding its annual meeting in Dubai, beginning today and lasting through Thursday.

Alas I wont be attending but hope to share any news I hear on the grapevine. The Diabetes Cafe is the organizing structure allowing delagates and speakers to interact and network with one another. It will include debates, forums, and speaker’s corners.

Today marks the start with a Global Diabetes Forum, but this is an invidtaion only event which looks at political and government factors as they relate to industy and society.

The hours will be 10.00- 17.00 of the main conference Monday through Wednesday, and closing on Thursday at 13.00. Intenet access will be provided free in the exhibition hall, and all sessions will be held in English.

Dubai is the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Some CME is provided for medical continuing education including for the sattelite symposia.

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