Black Friday and the Seedy Side of Shopping

Well we made it through Black Friday. The good news is that Americans went crazy buying things, a likely boost to our sluggish economy. The bad news is people went crazy buying things. Literally.

It was fairly common to find people stealing things out of other people’s shopping carts, a surefire way to express the holiday good cheer. And I am sure you saw the people stepping over the man who had fallen, and heard of the lady who used pepper spray instead of mistletoe to get her way.

It is easy to chock this up to the moral decline in america, or to the bad economy stressing everyone, but I can tell you who I blame, and you can follow the money! These stores, at great profit, delberately attempt to create a “rush” or panic and spend a good sum of money on insuring that people will act like the running of the bulls.

The stores could offer IOU’s that would allow customers a chance to pick up an out of stock item a week or two later, or better yet, they could stay open 24/7 — if its such an all-fire important event — and maybe stagger the sales every hour or two, (or when the blue light goes on).

Given our bad economy, these merchants (of death?) might even hire 5% or 10% more workers for the season, to help keep the shelves stocked, the stampede moving, and the cash registers ringing. Black Friday used to refer to the moment when businesses first went into black, after being in the red all year. Now it is when they first turn on shoppers and rend them.

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