Arab Spring and the End of the War On Terror

In much of the middle east, a new wave of freedom is sweeping the area and bringing with it a new sense of power to the people. This is very good news, to the extent it continues, for those of us who would like to see terror become irrelevant.

Terror is a strategy or tool, not an ideology, although some ideologies embrace it. It is accepted and needed by the masses when the average person feels helpless, powerless, and is compelled to be submissive. Where otherwise strong men are marginalized and made to feel weak, they turn to guerilla tactics. Always have, always will.

It is no coincidence that, until now, terrorism has found fertile ground in the Middle East. After Israel won a couple wars and occupied the West Bank, the Arab world had little recent events to take pride in — and within their own countries — they had no power or influence. Whether their tyrants were secular or religious, Sunni or Shiite, the average man (or woman) had no say in issues that mattered in their lives.

If you wanted to make an impact, or be a local hero, there often were no obvious places to sign up, other than various terrorist groups.

So now we know that, with the assistance of social media, especially Facebook and twitter, it is possible for everyman to have an impact. I look forward to the time when terrorism is an anachronism, and we learn once again that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Or should I say the mouse is mightier than the IED or maybe the cell phone is mightier than the
terror cell.