Happy 2011

I wanted to wish all my readers a happy 2011. It has been fun, and I hope we stay connected throughout the decade. I promise to post more but I am blogging in a lot of new places so I probably wont be able to do more than once or twice each month. Stay safe!

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Diabetic Retinopathy Now Noted to Occur in the Prediabetic

Several recent pieces of research have noted that the destructive changes in the retina noted in diabetics, known as diabetic retinopathy, have been occurring at lower blood sugar levels (both hemoglobin A1C and daily blood sugar level). Many patients who have never met the formal criteria for diabetes, but have higher than normal blood sugar levels, seem to be developing diabetes.

I have linked to several of these studies. In 2005 the Diabetes Prevention Project (reported at ADA 65th Annual Scientific Sessions) found that 8% of prediabetics, who never developed diabetes, nevertheless showed retinopathy:


ADA Scientific Sessions: Retinopathy Found in Pre-Diabetes. Elizabeth Thompson Beckley. DOC News August 1, 2005. Volume 2 Number 8 p. 1

Here is  some more recent research along the same lines:

Relation between fasting glucose and retinopathy for diagnosis of diabetes: three population-based cross-sectional studies Wong TY, et al Lancet 2008; 371: 736-743.

Association of A1C and Fasting Plasma Glucose Levels With Diabetic Retinopathy Prevalence in the U.S. Population: Implications for diabetes diagnostic thresholds Yiling J. Cheng et al. Diabetes Care November 2009 vol. 32 no. 11 2027-2032. doi: 10.2337/dc09-0440

And Colagiuri and colleagues in 2010 metastudy reported in Diabetes Care noted that hemoglobin A1C in the mid- 6’s was associated with signs of retinopathy:

Glycemic Thresholds for Diabetes-Specific Retinopathy: Implications for Diagnostic Criteria for Diabetes:The DETECT-2 Collaboration Writing group. Stephen Colagiuri et al. Diabetes Care Published online before print October 26, 2010, doi: 10.2337/dc10-1206

Overall the messages of these articles suggest that prediabetics are about 1/3 as likely as diabetics to see retinopathy, but somewhere in the 8-11% range of prediabetics showed signs of the damage to the retina.

I also discussed the issue of prediabetes and retinopathy on my diabetes website.

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I Don’t Have Anything To Say

Today, but at least for now I have the freedom to say or not say what I like.  With the Wiki Leak clampdown on freedom of the press I hope the internet does not morph into one big mouthpiece for coprorations… this highlights for me the net neutrality issues that have surfaced lately.

Somebody should be writing some scholarly articles about how Chinese dissidents could circumvent crackdowns, it may have world wide applicability soon, it seems.  I can’t believe that governments are extraditing an interpol fugitive because his condom broke and he is a boor. If that were grounds, most US diplomats would be subject to extradition.

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Lennon, the Kennedys and MLK

Ever notice that all the crazed assassins seem to go for those who are the dreamers? It is as if they are trying to kill off hope, in order to justify thier own miserable lives. I cant think of one American politician or celebrity who was shot because they were angry, condescending, corrupt, or working against our best interests.

I guess that makes most politicians feel safe. Its only if you provide some type of positive, or inspirational message that someone tries to snuff the messenger..I realize many people think that at least a couple of these deaths were a conspiracy, and I would not rule that out. After all big money is never pleased with messages that empower the little guy. But I think it has more to do with the mindset of the killer, how they cannot abide by something like real hope.