Neuropathy in Diabetes and Foot Problems

If you have ever noticed that diabetics often have lost a foot or even a leg below the knee to their diabetes, you may have wondered how that happened. Although some time in the future I will go into a longer article discussing this topic in depth, I wanted for now to discuss how neuropathy can play a role in this complication. This is the second in a series of articles discussing complications of diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease process that is chronic. As it progresses the diabetic tends to lose both blood flow and nerve connections to the extremities of the body. With a diminished circulatory system, there is less natural ability to rally white blood cells to fight infections. But the real kicker for diabetes is the neuropathy, when it comes to diabetic foot problems.

If a diabetic has started to lose sensation to the toes or feet, then when there is a cut or sore, they may not notice it. That is why good diabetes care involves getting in the habit of always inspecting the feet for cuts and other injuries or abrasions that might get infected.

If the foot gets infected, and the infection is not treated swiftly, then it can progress, and the worse the progression has become, the less likely that vigorous attention from the podiatrist will be sufficient.


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  2. Diabetes really cause us big problem specially when not treated right.

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