Droid Addiction

Add to the list of addictions that are so trendy, one new one  — and this one has spread like wildfire amongst the under-40 crowd. Anyone with a new smart phone — especially the recent generation of Droid smartphones, knows what I am talking about.  Try, just try to go without your phone for a week.

The key aspect of most addictions, including cigarettes, booze, drugs and other such obsessions, is not the chemical itself. These addictions are all maintained as much by the body’s spikes of neuroendocrines and endorphins than the external chemicals. When tension builds and then is sated and released, an exchange of internal chemicals in your body leaves you feeling good, pain-free, and somewhat relaxed, at least relative to the tension you usually carry.

Droid addicts are constantly stimulating themselves, and along with that stimulation likely comes a surge of endorphins and other things that make us feel pleasure and feel “jazzed.” Along with more sedate (by comparison) internet addictions, especially games  like Mafia Wars and Farmville, Droid/smartphone addictions keep us from spending time on things that can really matter. No time for nature. No time for others, or even to say (unless by text) how is your day.

So put down your Droid for a day, and discover what life is like out there, away from the little box. Ladies, if you are thinking of buying presents for him this christmas, consider something to do with the outdoors, or with a sport, rather than still yet another gadget that will just take him away from you. And guys, please go shoot some hoops!

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