Ms. Smith Goes to Washington

On this day in 1939, the movie Mr Smith Goes to Washington, starring James Stewart and directed by Frank Capra premiered. In the current climate, all the tea party women and their immitators  plan to make it Ms. (or perhaps they would insist Mrs.) Smith instead, when they talk us into sending them to Washington. The original movie was fiction, and I have to say the real world has never produced a real life version, although Paul Wellstone, the Minnesotta senator who died in a plane crash, came close.

The current crop of Republican women are making the news, and making noise like they are just plain folk. Whether it be Sarah Palin’s winks, or the mantra “I am you,” by Christine Samantha O’Donnell, they seem to think that they are  not politicians.  Bull. They are more like politicians than they are citizens. The witch can’t seem to pay her taxes, something she shares with tea party Governor candidate NIcki Haley of South Carolina.  That’s kind of normal, I guess, but not something that would inspire me to vote for them, and certainly not something a good citizen like Mr. Smith would have tried.

How many of us have had the opportuity or inclination to run for the senate and lose, then run again, like Ms. O’Donnell? Or to participate on Bill Maher TV roundtable discussions, when, like Christine, we were too young to even drop out of school? And why would she (falsely) claim she went to Princeton if she is such a plain (Palin?) Jane…. What kind of work has she actually held?  Has there ever been dirt under her fingernails?

If these tea party witches  think they are more normal, well maybe they are, when compared to Meg Whitman and Carly (Send all the jobs abroad) Fiorino, who both bring all the money they could squeeze out of the working folks to their quest to be liked by the majority of the less well-heeled voters in California.  Are we really going to have government by auction?

I like the idea of a citizen politician. If I ever see one, I will gladly give them some money and my vote.  But none of these celebrity tea party candidates seem to have any credible claim to being normal.

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