Antisocial Media: A Review of The Social Network

I went to see The Social Network, the new movie about Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and his antics that made him the world’s youngest billionaire. I wrote a more comprehensive review here, but first a couple quick thoughts. If you are looking for a gripping movie with a lot of conflict, this movie will disappoint.¬† I myself expected to see an insightful and incisive critique of the views of Zuckerberg on issues like privacy. These views are so controversial today with Facebook, and if that sort of conflict of ideas was what you were looking for you would also be disappointed. Any conflict that was in the movie was between egos not people.

But the psychologist in me found it a vivid portrayal of a prototypical  anti-social personality (actually at least 2 of them). While I have never met Mr. Zuckerberg, and so consequently I could not pretend to actually diagnose him, the character portrayed in the movie (most likely closer to fiction than realty) was, it seemed, a mix of antisocial, narcissistic, and schizoid personality characteristics.

His lack of concern for the welfare of his best and only friend, may well parallel Facebook’s apparent lack of concern for the privacy of it’s users.

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