I Guess Cannes and Nice Can Wait

Well, they passed health care, so I guess I can put off moving overseas. Greece may be having a hard time but I bet there are some bargains there right now, if I was looking to buy a house.

Our health care may not be the best in the world but it sure is the most expensive. I think I would rather recuperate on the Riviera or somewhere tropical.

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Health Care Sickness

America’s Health Care system is sick! Obama’s proposals don’t do much to reign in the insurance company predatory practices, and the Republican’s seem intent on protecting the most toxic monopoly in the “civilized”  world.

Maybe I will move to Monaco or Cannes. I can get health care and poker is legal while predatory health insurance is not.

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Rush Poker

For those of you who love poker, the new innovation from Full Tilt online poker site is Rush Poker. It allow you to fold fold fold and only play premium hands; but even more interesting is that you can easily play 1000 hands in a few hours. No other site yet offers anything comparable.

It won’t take you years to get good at poker, you can have more experience than the PROs would get in a year in only a few weeks of play at the Rush Poker  tables.

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