Bipartisan Palin Panel Finds She Abused Her Powers

The Troopergate panel, including 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats found Sarah Palin abused her office while pursuing her personal vendetta. Palin now looks very much like an insider politician and certainly one who does not tell the truth. What might be lost in this discussion of Sarah as an old school politician is her highhanded behaviors that seem to put her above the law.

A judge specifically barred her from this type of activity about her brother-in-law, and she thumbed her nose at him, and also refused to answer a subpeona. This makes her a huge liability at this point and undermines his while reason for picking her- a political outsider. She brings the inexperience and lack of intellectual curiosity, while all the bad habits we have grown to know and love in George Bush and Cheney.

For those interested in why she is not in legal trouble, the firing itself was essentially legal. It was the multiple contacts and coercive efforts for personal matters that were the problem. Her false claims about Wooten are an ethical violation, as is the abuse of power, and she would be eligible for impeachment for her abuse of power. But that could only happen if she had been having sex with somebody. Can somebody try to give her oral sex please?


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  1. Now the question is will McCain and Co. defend her and deny the obvious or will they address this serious problem?

  2. I’d say Palin is a Washington outsider: she doesn’t have much in the way of inside connections yet (I think). Her attitude is definitely as arrogant as any power-drunk politician, though.

    The difference between Sarah Palin and a Washington insider? Lack of connections.

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    Ten Repulicans and 4 Democrats unanimously agreed she abused her pow…

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