Palin Calls McCain a “Pal” of Terrorists

“You betcha,” Sarah answered with a wink.” She had been asked if her running mate McCain “palled around” with terrorists. When told that McCain had shared a stage, and even worked with terrorist Barak Obama, she suggested that we all take a closer look at McCain 

“The relationship sounds sinister,” added her running mate John McCain who indicated that whatever his trophy running mate said was right, because she draws bigger crowds. “If Sarah Palin says I have a relationship with Barak Obama, then I guess I do.” Palin added they even worked for the same company, one that has been known to be cozy at times with Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and even Canda.

Governor Palin also remarked that she was “darn shocked” to hear that McCain had spent several years living amongst the communists in Viet Nam, before he ran for Congress. “If I can go after Obama for what he did when he was 8, then what McCain did in that same Vietnam era is fair game too.” “I know for a fact he asociated with more than 5 communists!” she decried.

Ms. Palin asked both McCain and Obama to put their country first and withdraw from the race, now that their terrorist and communist ties have been revealed. She suggested that she was ready to be both the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates and would not blink about her readiness to lead both parties.

Palin added that her husband, First Dude “Todd” was ready to take over as Vice President, where he could work on helping Alaska to seceed fro the 49 other states. “At least Todd doesn’t hang out with anti-American Terrorists.” Joe Biden can take care of our kids, she aded, noting that she was impressed with his skills as a parent, if not as a debator.


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