Top Nine Topics Bloggers Blog About

Credit to Technocrati for the survey of 1000 bloggers that identified them. They also noted that most bloggers say they cover about 5 topic areas covering multiple topics in their blog.  

1. Personal/Lifestyle Issues

2 Technology



5. Computers

6. Music

7 Film

8 Travel

9 Business

To me, the most interesting finding was that books did not even make the list. Blogs about books are a natural, but this trend has not yet caught fire. While blogging taps into the creativity and time/energy of authors, they are certainly among the best writers, so their blogs should be quite central to the blogosphere.

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  1. Interesting.

    That’s a pretty good idea….blogging about books. maybe if people started doing that there would be an upswing in reading.

    I don’t know many people, especially young people, that read anymore. I LOVE books….if for no other reason than I like to feel them in my hands. I also like the way new books smell. (weird?)

  2. I think it was TIME magazine where I read (several months ago) that on average people in America read 4 books a year now.

    I don’t think of myself as being good at reviewing an analyzing books. I like to think of myself as intelligent, but often my comments equal, “Yah… it was good,” or “I like, totally recommend this book, to like, anybody who can like… you know… read.”

    But it’s a good point you made, and worth mentioning.

    I just looked at my post about Lincoln’s Melancholy to see if I added a books tag, and by golly, I found that I did. And it was like, totally legible, you know?

    I agree with damianmann, too. Even newspapers, I would rather read a newspaper than read at my computer. I read more off the computer than on. More can be learned from books than from a two-hour documentary, the details are always much richer and substantial.

    And plus, books have dirty words that can’t be said on tv.

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