Many Republicans Are Getting What They Prayed For…

When evangelical/fundamentalist Republicans prayed for rain to ruin the Thursday night open air party of the Democrats, apparently they missed thier mark. Instead, Gustav is bringing “shock and awe” to a city the GOP is still neglecting and raining on thier biggest party. Either God doesn’t practice petty politics and allowed the devil to RSVP, or God is a Democrat. A third possibility is that God is not an Old Testament Republican, or a neo-one; he probably hasn’t signed on to the neocon direction of these new Republicans, where it seems the highest good (beyond war mongering) is borrowing money from the Chinese and Saudis; and of course promising that our kids and grandkids will pay them back.

It may be a blessing in disguise however. Bush apparently is using Gustav as an excuse to seem busy and skip the Republican convention. This can only be seen as a plus for McCain. On MEET THE PRESS Sunday, the governor of Minnesota acknowledged that the convention may need to be “converted” into a program that focussed on Gustav. A rumour on the blogosphere even suggests that “Brownie” – the FEMA director for Katrina, was one of the people who advising McCain to go with Palin for vice president. And Minnesota already has had its disaster under this era of consumate inadequacy. Who can forget the bridge collapse, an unnatural disaster barely fixed in time for their convention and ignored for bridges throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Hughes noted when we were talking the other day, that McCain’s pick of Alaska Governor Palin was picking a “trophy” Vice President. His first wife, the one he dumped for Cindy, was a swimsuit model before her accident made her no longer a valuable trophy for this “war hero.” One wonders what it will take for McCain to throw this pretty face under the bus. Hopefully he can at least restrain himself from using the c*** word to refer to his new VP “trophy” partner.

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  1. Feeling Gustav’s Early Effects…

    There is no way I am not going to lose power today, so I want to try to get this out while I can. It is not quite dawn, but there is enough light out for me to see the trees thrashing in the wind and the rain pouring down. From what I’ve been abl …….

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