Very Proud to Be an American

Whatever you think of his politics or policies, Barak Obama’s nomination to be president of the United States marks a grand moment for America. The world can now see that we are a nobler country and finer people than it has seemed to them in recent years. And the kids from our poorest neighborhoods have something to aspire to besides moving up the ranks of the local gang.

I can not remember having been so proud to be an American. I say that even though I worry that Obama and the Democratic party may be as bad as the Republican tyrants who have hijacked our hope. At least the image and the symbol of the man stands for something. If the man can live up to the expectations we have laid on him, it will be a fine day for America, and a new opportunity for the world as well.

I am cynical about both the parties that appear to be as trivially beholden to the wealthy as our media. But individuals can rise above these traps and Obama has an opportunity to inject his personal temperament into the public arena. l hope it makes a difference and that his message of hope and change is heartfelt. Whether or not it is, what he represents is reason enough to celebrate.

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  1. Have you thought about how unfair it is to lay such expectations upon the man?

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