Coverage of Democratic Convention by AP written by shill

The Associated Press, the only major American news source for most of America’s newspapers, distributed an analysis of the Democratic convention written by a Republican shill. The story, written by Charles Babington bore no resemblance to the speech those who watched the convention saw. Babbington painted a speech and convention unlike the one witnessed by most of us. But this was not the only time he wrote such biased tripe. Babington helped Richard Perle sell the Iraq war, presenting him as if he were an objective advisor. The role he played in that propoganda was described as a shill for the Republicans by a prominant blog; Babington also has tended to give obviously biased coverage of John McCain in a variety of recent articles. One wonders if he is not auditioning for a job at Fox news.

One example from Babington’s past of similar bias was his coverage of the Republican page sex scandal wherein he buried the infromation that reflected unfavorably on the Republicans. We would ask for anyone who was familiar with his work in North Carolina to help us track down this scumbags origins so he can be exposed once and all for the shill he is, and his employer and the AP can apologize. But they won’t likely do that, as corporate media is in bed with the Republican party, apparently even the Washington Post.

Keith Oberman on MSNBC was quick to point out how absurd the article’s perspective was, but he seemed to be aware of how much of a Republican apologist this “so called reporter” has been.

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  1. just saw where he wrote the article before the speech was finished

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