Cheating heart- McCain betray’s wife’s loyalty

Anyone who thinks McCain can put his country ahead of his own self interest, better hope he cares more about his mother country than he cared about the mother of his 3 children. When McCain was a prisoner in Hanoi, his wife swimsuit model wife Carol stayed faithful and raised 3 children for him. But she had the misfortune of a car accident which left her fairly crippled, and when John came home, he followed up on his torture-induced denunciation of his own country with a torturous betrayal of his now overweight wife. He began partying.

While Carol keeps mum about it even today, she has noted to his biographer that she wished he had wanted to turn 40 rather than 25. McCain’s divorce papers were delivered to Cindy’s (his current wife’s) house; he cohabitted with Carol during the first 9 months of his affair with Cindy, according to the Jedreport blog account.

These indescretions were almost 30 years old. McCain raised it,l however as his biggest moral failure on the Warren morality debate, but only danced around it as the failure of the marriage, and gave no details. CNN revived the issue about his affair in the McCain Revealed story aired on August 20, 2008. In that report, they noted that he had a secret and he had begun to cheat by 1977, when he moved to DC. He developed the political aspirations while he was dating this wealthy heiress. He even lied to his new lady about his age.

McCain admits “responsibility” but unlike Obama, shows no evidence of having done a moment of soul searching nor does he appear to have learned from his mistake. His recent cheating on the zone of silence is a minor incident, compared to how he treated Carol, but if we give him the reigns of our country, we can expect similar fealty to what he showed to Carol and to pastor Warren.

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  1. First, Rick Warren himself debunked the “zone of silence” charge saying that McCain did not hear any questions ahead of time – He was late, but not so late as to have been able to hear questions in advance. In fact Pastor Warren went on to say that of the two, it was actually Obama who had advance notice of the first question (which he was planning on sharing with both of them (except for the fact that McCain was late). As to the cheating charge, McCain has made it clear that this was a moral failing that he still regrets to this day, (don’t we all have those?) but for you to bring these 30 year issues up as if it has any bearing today is indeed a stretch. And obviously an unfair and biased attack. Not to mention just plain dumb.

  2. And of course the reputable news media have investigated all this and its clear that McCain did violate the zone of silence; he was in his car or the green room and had access to radios and cell phones not tio mention aides to prep him. And he has never talked candidy or in any depth about his cheating on his wife, he has only mentioned it a few times and then to say he regrets the marraige ended, and not to take any real responsibility. It kinda like Rumsfeld’s comment that “stuff happens” to explian setbacks in Iraq.. Once again unaccountable Republicans.

  3. I just don’t understand how anyone can stomach the lies of McCain and Palin, and if you can betray the wife that waited for you and worried for you, than you can betray anyone.

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