McCain Cheats on Wife and Church

It seems to me that when McCain and his staff listened into the questions asked of Obama, (cone of silence) and then had all the one liners ready (even before the questions were repeated to him), it was just one example of a long list of cheating incidents. This was just one of his many moral lapses, made especially pathetic by doing it on a forum designed to address questions of morality!

Of course he cheated on his ex wife, who stood by him when he was a prisoner of war, because she was crippled in a car accident. He cheated when he renounced America to the veitnamese. He cheated when he profitted on the Keating Savings and Loan scandal. He lies when he pretends he was tough on Abramoff. He played fast and loose with the campaign finance laws for public elections.

All in all, it looks like we can expect to see a wireless earpiece in the debates (Bush and McCain need that sort of cheating more than most) and caged voting lists in Ohio.. when will we be hearing that McCain has a secret plan to end the war, and proof positive the Barack really wants to let the enemy win!!

McCain’s cheating in the cone of silence is just the most recent of a long string of moral lapses, fitting for the forum he cheated in. While Obama was classy, thougtful and forthright, McCain hoodwinked the country and an admired religious leader. Shame!!


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  1. Here’s the McCain side of things …. just thought I’d share … and no, I’m not a McCain supporter …

  2. Thanks for your perspective

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