Many Republicans Are Getting What They Prayed For…

When evangelical/fundamentalist Republicans prayed for rain to ruin the Thursday night open air party of the Democrats, apparently they missed thier mark. Instead, Gustav is bringing “shock and awe” to a city the GOP is still neglecting and raining on thier biggest party. Either God doesn’t practice petty politics and allowed the devil to RSVP, or God is a Democrat. A third possibility is that God is not an Old Testament Republican, or a neo-one; he probably hasn’t signed on to the neocon direction of these new Republicans, where it seems the highest good (beyond war mongering) is borrowing money from the Chinese and Saudis; and of course promising that our kids and grandkids will pay them back.

It may be a blessing in disguise however. Bush apparently is using Gustav as an excuse to seem busy and skip the Republican convention. This can only be seen as a plus for McCain. On MEET THE PRESS Sunday, the governor of Minnesota acknowledged that the convention may need to be “converted” into a program that focussed on Gustav. A rumour on the blogosphere even suggests that “Brownie” – the FEMA director for Katrina, was one of the people who advising McCain to go with Palin for vice president. And Minnesota already has had its disaster under this era of consumate inadequacy. Who can forget the bridge collapse, an unnatural disaster barely fixed in time for their convention and ignored for bridges throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Hughes noted when we were talking the other day, that McCain’s pick of Alaska Governor Palin was picking a “trophy” Vice President. His first wife, the one he dumped for Cindy, was a swimsuit model before her accident made her no longer a valuable trophy for this “war hero.” One wonders what it will take for McCain to throw this pretty face under the bus. Hopefully he can at least restrain himself from using the c*** word to refer to his new VP “trophy” partner.

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Coverage of Democratic Convention by AP written by shill

The Associated Press, the only major American news source for most of America’s newspapers, distributed an analysis of the Democratic convention written by a Republican shill. The story, written by Charles Babington bore no resemblance to the speech those who watched the convention saw. Babbington painted a speech and convention unlike the one witnessed by most of us. But this was not the only time he wrote such biased tripe. Babington helped Richard Perle sell the Iraq war, presenting him as if he were an objective advisor. The role he played in that propoganda was described as a shill for the Republicans by a prominant blog; Babington also has tended to give obviously biased coverage of John McCain in a variety of recent articles. One wonders if he is not auditioning for a job at Fox news.

One example from Babington’s past of similar bias was his coverage of the Republican page sex scandal wherein he buried the infromation that reflected unfavorably on the Republicans. We would ask for anyone who was familiar with his work in North Carolina to help us track down this scumbags origins so he can be exposed once and all for the shill he is, and his employer and the AP can apologize. But they won’t likely do that, as corporate media is in bed with the Republican party, apparently even the Washington Post.

Keith Oberman on MSNBC was quick to point out how absurd the article’s perspective was, but he seemed to be aware of how much of a Republican apologist this “so called reporter” has been.

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Very Proud to Be an American

Whatever you think of his politics or policies, Barak Obama’s nomination to be president of the United States marks a grand moment for America. The world can now see that we are a nobler country and finer people than it has seemed to them in recent years. And the kids from our poorest neighborhoods have something to aspire to besides moving up the ranks of the local gang.

I can not remember having been so proud to be an American. I say that even though I worry that Obama and the Democratic party may be as bad as the Republican tyrants who have hijacked our hope. At least the image and the symbol of the man stands for something. If the man can live up to the expectations we have laid on him, it will be a fine day for America, and a new opportunity for the world as well.

I am cynical about both the parties that appear to be as trivially beholden to the wealthy as our media. But individuals can rise above these traps and Obama has an opportunity to inject his personal temperament into the public arena. l hope it makes a difference and that his message of hope and change is heartfelt. Whether or not it is, what he represents is reason enough to celebrate.

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What Looks Like Crazy- A Psychological Comedy by Charlotte Hughes

As a clinical psychologist and author i wanted to give a shout out to Charlotte Hughes for her new Book What Looks Like Crazy. I may well write a review later, but I just wanted to introduce it for now. Charlotte is a New York Times best selling author and well known for her talents with romance and comedy. She also has written some mysteries, and is co-author with Janet Evanovich on a series.

This is Charlotte’s first series, however, and in addition to all the above mentioned talents she brings a sophistcated understanding and wit to the patients in this book, not to mention the foibles of the lead character Psychologist Kate Holly.  Because the storyline centers on a gaggle of crazy pateints, in her blog now seems to mainly deal with funny people and crazy ideas.

She has a second book coming out in the series in February, I hope I get around to reviewing this one soon.

Biden as Bulldog VP

Barak Obama choice of Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate shores up what is actually Obama’s most obvious liability as a politician. Obama presents himself as a uniter and a healer, and his stance is organic. While he is not a wimp, Obama temperamentally avoids conflct and does not seem at ease with either anger or disdain, although he can be very good at being incredulous. Biden however, can go for the jugular, and do it with a certain amount of class and in such a friendly manner that you feel he is admonishing you as a friend.

So when John McCain continues his smears of Obama, (and he is very comfortable with both nastiness and contemptful, even rageful disdain), Obama can now remain above the fray. While its an age old role for a VP (Agnew comes to mind as a prime example) to take on the dirty work, Biden is especially adept at that kind of reparte.

Biden may well be able to connect with the lower income voters who saw Hillary Clinton as a working class hero, and be able to forecfully express his anger at the loss of jobs and homes that have been the hallmark of the Republican Party’s Borrow and Bankrupt style of economics. As the most knowledgable politician in DC on issues of foreign policy, he is also very well suited to pin the warmonger label right where it belongs, on the tail of the elephant. If, as expected McCain chooses Romney as his VP, the Republicans will have two of the nastiest candidates they could field, and the Democrats wil have two strong males who are comfortable with their convictions and confidant enough to not rise to the bait.

Cheating heart- McCain betray’s wife’s loyalty

Anyone who thinks McCain can put his country ahead of his own self interest, better hope he cares more about his mother country than he cared about the mother of his 3 children. When McCain was a prisoner in Hanoi, his wife swimsuit model wife Carol stayed faithful and raised 3 children for him. But she had the misfortune of a car accident which left her fairly crippled, and when John came home, he followed up on his torture-induced denunciation of his own country with a torturous betrayal of his now overweight wife. He began partying.

While Carol keeps mum about it even today, she has noted to his biographer that she wished he had wanted to turn 40 rather than 25. McCain’s divorce papers were delivered to Cindy’s (his current wife’s) house; he cohabitted with Carol during the first 9 months of his affair with Cindy, according to the Jedreport blog account.

These indescretions were almost 30 years old. McCain raised it,l however as his biggest moral failure on the Warren morality debate, but only danced around it as the failure of the marriage, and gave no details. CNN revived the issue about his affair in the McCain Revealed story aired on August 20, 2008. In that report, they noted that he had a secret and he had begun to cheat by 1977, when he moved to DC. He developed the political aspirations while he was dating this wealthy heiress. He even lied to his new lady about his age.

McCain admits “responsibility” but unlike Obama, shows no evidence of having done a moment of soul searching nor does he appear to have learned from his mistake. His recent cheating on the zone of silence is a minor incident, compared to how he treated Carol, but if we give him the reigns of our country, we can expect similar fealty to what he showed to Carol and to pastor Warren.

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McCain Cheats on Wife and Church

It seems to me that when McCain and his staff listened into the questions asked of Obama, (cone of silence) and then had all the one liners ready (even before the questions were repeated to him), it was just one example of a long list of cheating incidents. This was just one of his many moral lapses, made especially pathetic by doing it on a forum designed to address questions of morality!

Of course he cheated on his ex wife, who stood by him when he was a prisoner of war, because she was crippled in a car accident. He cheated when he renounced America to the veitnamese. He cheated when he profitted on the Keating Savings and Loan scandal. He lies when he pretends he was tough on Abramoff. He played fast and loose with the campaign finance laws for public elections.

All in all, it looks like we can expect to see a wireless earpiece in the debates (Bush and McCain need that sort of cheating more than most) and caged voting lists in Ohio.. when will we be hearing that McCain has a secret plan to end the war, and proof positive the Barack really wants to let the enemy win!!

McCain’s cheating in the cone of silence is just the most recent of a long string of moral lapses, fitting for the forum he cheated in. While Obama was classy, thougtful and forthright, McCain hoodwinked the country and an admired religious leader. Shame!!

Initial post, musings and introduction

As a psychologist, teacher, publicist, author and ranked online poker player, I have a little to say about a lot of things. I intend to use this blog as a way of musing and commenting and will post to categories for books and authors, psychology, publicity/promotion topics, poker and other areas by category but many of my posts will be across several areas and so more general, or on topics far affield such as politics.

None of my comments are offered in a professional sense. I am not writing as a psychologist with prescriptions for improved mental functioing based on research in my field nor am I diagnosing George Bush (thankfully never met him) when I say he seems to be on a dry drunk..Nor am I working as a publicist if I praise or pan a book or a teacher as I share information I stumble accross. So let me be clear, this is not a professional website. I do not spend much money on it, and it reflects my personal and not my professional veiwpoint on wide ranging issues, While me expertise in poker, pschology, and writing/promoting invariably  effect who I am and what I believe, I will charge for my professional opinions. These are free for what its worth, although I still maintain the copyright claim. You have my advance permission to quote anything I say, so long as you provide a link back from it to your website, or if you print it, a referenece to the URL (